About Us

Bampton Property Consultancy and Advisory is an outsourced solution for property developers seeking an experienced and reliable external sales and marketing team. Our team has a proven track record of success in the creation and implementation of marketing and sales strategies across all types of property development.

The team is led by Andrew Bampton, who has over 20 years’ experience in the development industry and has spearheaded successful campaigns for a range of projects, from boutique estates through to billion dollar beachfront communities.

Bampton Property’s services are not a duplication of the corporate sector, but a business model capable of shift, change and recalibration to deliver successful outcomes.

As a service only business, our people are our assets. Our team of experts are well-versed in all aspects of property and development. They understand the mechanics of the market and, importantly, have the ability to create meaningful campaigns with a highly individual approach to each project.

We are here to add value and deliver results for our clients. It’s that simple.

Andrew Bampton

Andrew has extensive experience as an accomplished property sales and marketing manager, with a focus on residential projects.

He has spearheaded successful campaigns from project launch through to completion – for boutique estates through to billion dollar beachfront communities.

He has demonstrated leadership and coaching of a high performing sales team, and has exposure to local and international markets including South East Asia and China.

Andrew’s specialties include:

• Property and Building Sector Expertise
• Market Analyses and Strategy Design
• Brand Development and Positioning
• Comprehensive Sales Strategies
• Targeted Marketing Initiatives and Activities
• Local and International market experience
• Front End Operational Knowledge
• Develops and Trains High Performing Teams
• Customer Relationship Specialist
• Competitor Analyses and Pricing Mix
• Extensive External Networks including agents/investors
• CRM Design and Execution
• Business Coaching